A proactive safety vision must work effectively for any proper fleet management company. In order to ensure drivers are safe and keep performing at a top level you must know what is going on inside the cab every day. With our forward-facing and left/right cameras, your back office can watch event-triggered footage coupled with real-time information to get a complete view of an incident to protect your drivers from blame and protect your bottom line.


  • Locked MP4 file format to prevent tampering.
  • Compact integrated single black box.
  • Light weight advanced design.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Windshield mount for best vantage point.


  • Video document driving conditions
  • Record traffic delays
  • Capture events of an accident
  • Record road rage or aggressive motorists
  • Justify driver actions
  • Prove route taken by driver
  • Capture insurance fraud
  • Increase driver awareness



How they work

While there are various in-cab video systems available, most work in a similar fashion. The devices typically have a forward lens focused on what is happening outside of the truck and an inside lens that looks at the driver and passenger. The devices also contain an accelerometer that can measure sudden movements such as rapid deceleration or other forces. They record continuously, but only save video if there is an event such as hard braking, sudden deceleration, or an alert from other safety systems. In that case, the devices typically save the video for a certain amount of time before the event (usually 8 to 10 seconds) and for a few seconds after the event.

These recorded events are then uploaded via the cloud to the vendor’s site, where specialists review them. Only videos that show risky driving behavior are sent back to the fleet.

In addition to the device’s accelerometer, video can be saved when there are alerts from other safety systems such as collision avoidance or lane departure warning.This system records both the driver and what he sees in front of the truck for up to 40 hours.

In-cab video as training tool

One of the more interesting benefits of video systems is their use in coaching and training drivers. Fleets deploying such systems not only see a reduction in collision-related costs, but they also see driver behavior improve significantly, and fairly quickly.

When risky behaviors are noted, the video clips are sent to the fleet, where driver managers can review the clip with the driver and offering coaching on the problem behavior that led to the incident. Conversely, if the video was triggered because the driver had to take evasive action to avoid a collision, he can be recognized for doing a good job.

Managing driver behavior can be a daunting task, especially in the long-haul environment given the lack of face time with the drivers. I has been found that driving behavior can be positively affected just by the camera being there.

Fleet safety is all about essentially managing behavioral hazards and having an in-depth understanding of the factors that influence individual driver decision-making. Video events allow coaching opportunities not available in the past.

Finding more uses

Beyond recording events, in-cab video systems can also be used as an analytics tool and for other purposes.

For instance, the system can integrate with side view cameras. Some customers have installed rear-facing cameras on the truck that monitor the flatbed trailer to make sure the load is strapped and taped correctly.

And the data can be used in analytics as well. The systems allow you to track about 100 driver behaviors. Fleets receive information showing which drivers need coaching, which ones are improving and which ones are doing great, with no recorded events.