A good fleet management solution should be flexible, modular and scalable to meet the growing requirements of a fleet operator. For more than a decade, Datatrack247 has been helping fleets to achieve increased efficiency and improved performance and productivity with the most innovative and comprehensive fleet management technology solutions in the industry. Our robust online fleet management platform gives you full control with access to real-time, up-to-the-minute data allowing you to act on savings opportunities as soon as possible. Datatrack247’s award-winning Telematics system helps reduce cost, manage driver productivity, and improve the overall safety of your fleet.

We focus on fleet so you can focus on your core business. Meeting your needs is our priority, and we provide the responsive customer service that you expect from a true business partner.

Comprehensive fleet management solutions that make a positive bottom-line impact:


When customers with less than stellar credit come into your dealerships, feel confident about offering them a loan with a GPS car tracker that protects your bottom line. If and when it’s needed, you can find and recover your vehicles without an expensive, drawn-out repo process.


Tracking a vehicle with a GPS device means you can manage lot inventory and customers can depend on fast, more reliable theft recovery – with average recovery times coming in at around 26 minutes.


Where’s your driver? How soon will they be at a customer’s location? When you need to know now, a GPS tracker on your fleet vehicles will give you exact locations from any computer or connected mobile device. That’s the key to improving customer satisfaction and profits.


How many 70-foot trailers can you fit into your pocket? Your whole fleet – whether that’s 3 trailers or 63,000 trailers. Simply grab your mobile phone, pull up the FleetLocate app and instantly pinpoint every trailer on the map using tracking from Datatrack247. It’s that easy.

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Datatrack247 incorporates one of the world’s fastest and up to date GPS mapping dashboard which is a 100% secure web-based system designed for easy use and scalable to enterprise fleets. You can effortlessly monitor your fleet across the street or around the globe.

Key Features

  • Powerful GPS Fleet Tracking Software
  • Easy to Use Mapping Dashboard Tools
  • Google Maps, Open Street Map
  • Road, Satellite, Streetview, Terrain, Traffic

Primary Benefits

  • Instant Visibility of Your Entire Fleet
  • Simple Mouse Rollover for Fleet Asset Status
  • Familiar Easy to Use Google Mapping Tools



Stay on top of your fleet’s locations with our best-in-class Google-powered maps!

Key Features

  • 20 second to 5 minutes location updates
  • Auto-refresh
  • Save favorite maps
  • Find closest vehicle
  • Satellite and street map views


Primary Benefits

  • Locate on demand
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Efficiency

The entire history of your fleet can be replayed at the touch of a button. You can see where your vehicle, piece of equipment, or mobile asset has been over any specified period. View any amount of detail like location, speed, direction, aggressive driving events etc. regarding the recorded status at any point along the way.

Key Features

  • One Touch Control Panel
  • Play, Rewind, Fast Forward
  • Custom Exception Overlays

Primary Benefits

  • Confirm Every Route Taken
  • Track Unauthorized Use
  • Validate Billing and Timesheets

You can create geographical boundaries called Geo fences on the map around a landmark. An alert is sent out every time the vehicle enters or exits the Geo fence.Use landmarks for customer sites, warehouses, or even specific routes. Track times of arrival & departure, speed & PTO use within a land marked area and configure exception related alerts.

Key Features

  • Standard, Custom, or Road Geo-fences
  • Grouping Tools
  • Customize Landmark Alerts

Primary Benefits

  • Be Alerted to Entrance and Exits
  • Measure Time Spent at Locations
  • Manage by Exception

Stay on top of your fleet’s locations without constant monitoring. Be alerted to just the events you consider important. Using vehicle tracking system features like over speeding alert, start of day alert, route deviation alert and excessive stoppage alert, you can analyze driver behavior and optimize fuel usage and optimizing workforce. Create customized rules to trigger email or text messages for any kind of tracked fleet activity, including landmark breaches and excessive idling. Customize alerts to be sent to the anyone that needs to know.

Key Features

  • Conditional Rules based Alerts
  • Automatic Exception Notification (email, text)
  • Standard, Advanced, Service Alerts

Common Alerts

  • Landmark Arrivals and Departures
  • Possible Theft or Unauthorized Movement
  • Speed and Aggressive Driving


Automate your fleet service and maintenance activity based on odometer, calendar or engine hours. Multiple schedules can be applied to a single asset. Be notified of upcoming service and maintenance with reporting and alerts. Track history and costs for a fleet-wide view of service and maintenance activity.

Key Features

  • Service & Maintenance Scheduling
  • Odometer, Engine Hours, Calendar
  • Record Maintenance History
  • Odometer Integration with Fleetio

Primary Benefits

  • Protect Your People
  • Extend Vehicle/Equipment Lifespan
  • Reduce Risk and Liability

Turn data into actionable insight with our advanced reporting and analytics engine. Get the answers to questions every fleet operator should be asking.

Key Features

  • Detailed, Summary, & Advanced Reports
  • Report Subscription Tool
  • Graphical and Interactive Reports

Primary Benefits

  • Reduce Administration Time
  • Fact based Data and Analytics
  • Make Better Fleet Decisions


Easily track drivers hours of service (HOS).

The Electronic Logbook application is an automated hours of service app that tracks drivers hours, allowing access to current information about driver availability and reporting that includes duty status, driving time and remaining hours of service. Simply sign in into the Electronic LogBook and start driving.

Key Features

  • FMCSA ELD HOS Rule Compliant
  • Pre and Post Trip DVIR
  • Easy-to-use, Easy-to-understand

Primary Benefits

  • Up-to-Date Driver Status
  • Eliminate Error-prone Manual Entries
  • Make Better Decisions with Up-to-Date Information


Improve safety and foil scammers

In-vehicle cameras visually record and capture critical driving events. Fleet operators spend enormous amounts of money on driver safety, only to find out at the scene of the accident, the driver was texting. Having the ability to ride along with your drivers can improve the overall safety of your fleet.

Key Features

  • Commercial Ruggedized Strength
  • Stand-alone and Cloud-based Capture
  • Forward and optional Driver Facing Camera

Primary Benefits

  • Secure Tamper Protection
  • Manage Only Critical Events
  • Stay Informed with Live Captured Video

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